Beautiful sound by design

Program Summary

2014 Volvo - Harman Kardon
"Beautiful Sound by Design" Incentive Program

PROGRAM DATES: August 1, 2014 - now extended through May 31, 2015

Download Program Overview [PDF]


Volvo Sales Professionals earn points towards valuable Harman Kardon rewards for selling eligible vehicles and additional points for answering training questions correctly.


The eligible vehicles that qualify for the program are the new model year 2015.5 Volvo - S60, S80, V60, XC60 and XC70 - equipped with a Harman Kardon sound system. (Domestic USA vehicle sales only.)


  1. Sell an eligible Volvo vehicle equipped with a Harman Kardon sound system between August 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015.  (Volvo will send VIN and Sales Person data to Program Headquarters weekly starting 9/15/14.)
  2. Once you have sold an eligible vehicle, look for an email from Program Headquarters (starting 9/15/14), containing a user id and hyperlink to the Program Website. (Passwords will be sent in a separate email message for security.)  
  3. Click on the hyperlink in the email or go directly to the Program Website to log in and claim eligible VINs.  
  4. Click the red 'Play Now' button and then click on each VIN link to earn 30 Points.
  5. Answer two (2) Volvo - Harman Kardon related training questions correctly and earn 10 Bonus Points each.
  6. Redeem points for valuable Harman Kardon product rewards.


Participants are able to earn 50 Bonus Points  by passing the 'Kick Off Test' with a grade of at least 80% or greater. The test will be available starting August 18, 2014.  Training Resources are available on the Program Website to prepare participants for the test questions.


In the first 45 days of the program (August 18, 2014  - September 30, 2014), each participant who passes the 'Kick Off Test' with a score of 80% or greater by September 30, 2014, will also be entered into a drawing to win one (1) of twenty (20) Harman Kardon Esquire Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers.  The total approximate retail value (“ARV”) = $249.95. (UPDATE:   Winners have been selected and posted to announcement link.)

UPDATE  10/01/2014: 

The test is now being extended through November 15th for those who have not yet participated. In addition to the 50 Bonus Points being earned, participant’s who pass the Kick Off Test with an 80% or greater score between October 1st and November 15, 2014, deadline will be entered into a drawing to win…1 of 20 Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Portable Wireless Speaker - (ARV $149.95).


Each time a Volvo Sales Professional passes the' Kick Off Test', claims an eligible VIN or correctly answers the training question(s), they earn points.  The dealership Sales Manager will then be awarded bonus points, equal to 25% of the points earned by the Volvo Sales Professional.  In the event that multiple Sales Managers are designated for a dealership, the 25% override bonus points will be divided evenly among them.


Once a dealership has met or exceeded their established Wholesale Goal, the Sales Manager’s 25% awarded bonus points will be doubled, prior to the reward redemption period.  Established Wholesale Goals will be emailed to the designated Sales Manager(s) for each dealership. 


Volvo Sales Professionals and Sales Managers can redeem their earned points and order valuable Harman Kardon rewards, based on their level earned.  A link to place reward orders will be available on the Program Website, once the redemption period has opened. 


The top two performing Volvo dealerships in the US (one with the most approved total points, and one that exceeds the Wholesale Goal by the highest percentage) will be awarded one Grand Prize of a Harman Kardon AVR 3700 Receiver and HKTS 60 Theater System.   The total approximate retail value ("ARV") = $2,000.